3 Ways to Ruin Your Transmission

Having access to a functional automobile is a luxury that many drivers take for granted. If you would have a difficult time traveling to school or work if your car broke down, it's important that you take the time to invest in proper maintenance. Your vehicle's transmission plays a critical role in how well it performs on a daily basis. Maintaining the transmission is essential when it comes to keeping your car in good condition.

Here are three things that you may be doing that could ruin your transmission in the future.

1. Failing to invest in regular transmission flushes.

As you operate your vehicle each day, dirt and contaminants can build up along the interior surfaces of your transmission. These dirt and contaminant particles become suspended in the fluid that circulates throughout your transmission, and they can cause serious problems with your vehicle's performance over time. 

In order to prevent contaminated transmission fluid from ruining your transmission, you should have the fluid flushed and replaced regularly. Take the time to check the color of your transmission fluid. Healthy fluid is red and highly viscous. If the fluid appears brown or black, it's time for a transmission flush.

2. Running on low transmission fluid.

Another serious error that could compromise the quality and performance of your transmission is running your vehicle on low transmission fluid. The transmission relies on the fluid circulating throughout it to maintain proper lubrication and help dispel heat that could warp the transmission over time.

Transmission fluid can evaporate, which means that you need to top-off the fluid levels regularly to ensure enough fluid is available to keep your car's transmission running properly. Be sure that you routinely check your transmission fluid levels and add more fluid as needed to prevent serious transmission damage in the future.

3. Using the wrong transmission fluid.

In addition to flushing your transmission and keeping transmission fluid levels high, you need to ensure that you are using the right fluid to fully protect your vehicle's transmission from serious damage.

Be sure that you only use the manufacturer-recommended transmission fluid when servicing your vehicle. This will ensure proper hydraulic pressure and maximized cooling efficiency as the transmission fluid travels throughout your vehicle's automatic transmission.

Being able to care for your car's transmission is critical when it comes to extending the life of the vehicle. Be sure that you aren't overlooking regular transmission flushes, running on low fluid levels, or using the wrong type of transmission fluid to ensure your car's transmission is protected from serious damage in the future.