What Could Cause Transmission Troubles?

Of the components of your car, the transmission is one of the most durable. However, mistreatment of the transmission can result in its lifespan being significantly shorter. To keep your transmission in top condition, here are a few mistakes you should avoid making with it.

Not Checking and Changing the Transmission Fluid

The transmission relies on fluid to help keep it lubricated and cooled. When the transmission fluid is low, an overheated transmission can affect the performance of the engine and eventually lead to a breakdown. Not only will you be facing a repair of your transmission, but you could potentially have engine problems as a result.

Therefore, it is important that you check and change your transmission fluid. Refer to your car's owner's manual to learn about how frequently you should check the fluid level. If the fluid is low, you can opt to refill it yourself or have it serviced by a professional.

If you choose to refill the fluid yourself, be wary of the type of fluid you select. Different brands of transmission fluids have varying viscosity levels. If you select the wrong one, it could lead to transmission problems. Your owner's manual should provide recommendations for the right fluid.

Towing a Heavy Vehicle

Your car can be used for towing, but there are weight limitations that need to be observed. If you tow a vehicle that is heavier than the manufacturer recommended weights, you run the risk of not only having trouble maneuvering your car, but also damaging your transmission.

When you tow another vehicle, it places strain on your transmission. Your transmission is designed to only handle pressure up to a certain point. At some point the gears can start to slip and you might need a total replacement of the part. The transmission could even overheat.

Before agreeing to tow any vehicle, always take the time to investigate the weight limitations. If you are using a trailer, makes sure you are not only factoring in the weight of the trailer, but any items that are going to be hauled on it. If you are unsure of the weight, it is better to pass on towing the vehicle than to chance it.

Your auto technician can help you identify other mistakes that could potentially cause transmission damage. By following his or her suggestions for caring for your car, you could prevent a costly repair of your vehicle. You can also check out sites like http://www.budgetautomotivetucson.com for more information.