3 Things to Do Before Putting Your Used Car Up for Sale

If you are thinking about putting your used car up for sale, you could be wondering if there is anything that you should do first. If you'd like to make it easier to sell your car, consider following these steps first.

1. Remove Extras

in many cases, you won't get extra money for your car if you include the little extras, such as your GPS navigation system. Taking out standalone options will allow you to use them in a future car and shouldn't have an impact on how much you get for your vehicle. In some cases, swapping out your high-end rims for the original hubcaps and removing added speakers can also be smart. You might actually find more buyers if everything in the vehicle is "stock," and you can then use your other components yourself or sell them separately for more of a profit.

2. Have it Serviced

If you haven't had your car serviced in a while, it may be a good idea to do so before you sell it. Along with having an oil change and having the fluids topped off, you can check the lights to make sure that they all work. If your car is almost due for the state inspection, you may want to have this done as well. This can provide a potential buyer with peace of mind since he or she will know that the car is in good enough shape to pass inspection, which could make the vehicle seem that much more appealing.

3. Wash and Detail It

Your car just probably won't be as appealing to someone if it is dirty when he or she looks at it. Therefore, it's smart to take the time to thoroughly clean the inside, including shampooing the carpet and thoroughly cleaning the dash.

Then, focus on getting the outside clean and waxing the car so that it really shines. You can do this at home if you have the time and patience, or you can take it to a detailing shop. The mechanic shop that you take your car to might offer detailing services or may be able to provide you with a good recommendation.

Putting your car up for sale might be nerve-wracking, especially if you're not sure what you can do to make it a pleasant experience. Take your car to services like Alaskan Auto Center Inc if you have more questions.