New Semi-Truck Drivers Having Trouble Shifting? There May Be A Transmission Problem

The first time a semi-truck driver gets behind the wheel of big rig, they might have a hard time with the manual transmission. However, if they continue to struggle to shift even after they've gained some more experience, there may be a transmission problem.

Shifting Should Be Nice And Smooth

Though learning to shift a big rig can be a challenging experience, it should take no more than a few hours on the road to get used to shifting. A manual transmission on a semi-truck is designed to be smooth to shift and easy to handle. Initial problems with shifting can be ignored as a learning curve that every truck driver goes through on their way to becoming professional.

However, if the new truck driver is still struggling with the shifting of their trick, there may be a problem. This fact is especially true if other drivers try out the truck and find its shifting is weak. In this instance, a transmission problem may be occurring.

Poor Shifting Usually Indicates Transmission Concerns

Inconsistent shifting is typically considered one of the most accurate symptoms of transmission problems. When shifting a semi-truck feels sticky or the handling is off, there may be problems with the computer sensors or the cables in the transmission.

These problems can lead to more severe problems, such as solenoid malfunction. Any semi-truck driver who is struggling with their manual shifting needs to understand how they can save money on transmission replacement by getting it repaired right away.

The Price Can Be High

When a semi-truck starts having a hard time shifting, it is time to take it to the repair shop right away. There is a chance it could be a problem as minor as a leak. A small transmission leak can cost as little as $150 to repair. Unfortunately, letting it get worse can cause the solenoid to get damaged, a repair that can cost as much as $850 in the most extreme circumstances.

Letting the damage spread and get even worse can lead to a complete transmission replacement. At this point, the semi-truck owner is dropping close to $10,000 on a new transmission. While this is still cheaper than replacing the truck, it is a problem that didn't need to occur if early repairs and maintenance procedures were taken right away.

So when a semi-truck starts having shifting problems that aren't related to the inexperience of the driver, take it to a transmission repair specialist right away. They can spot early signs of serious damage and work to ensure that it doesn't become worse. For more information, check out websites like