3 Things That Cause Engines To Overheat

If you drive a diesel truck, you probably realize the importance of getting your vehicle ready for colder weather—but did you know warmer weather requires similar preparation? Getting your truck ready for rising temperatures involves more than making sure the air conditioning is working well. You should also pay attention to your tires, brakes, and radiator.

Warmer weather can also increase the chances of your truck's engine overheating. For this reason, you should be aware of these three things that cause engines to overheat.

Low Motor Oil Levels

One of the most important fluids you can put into your vehicle is motor oil. This liquid substance is responsible for lubricating the moving parts of your truck's engine, which enables the vehicle to run more smoothly.

Oil also helps to keep your engine parts cool while the engine is running. Over time, the motor oil gets dirty, which is why you have to change it on a regular basis. If you end up leaking oil, your engine won't be able to stay cool. This in turn can cause your engine to overheat. 

Low Coolant Levels

Coolant is a liquid that mixes with the water in your radiator. According to diesel mechanics, engine coolant is just as important as engine oil. When the coolant gets too low, your engine is at serious risk for overheating.

When it comes to diesel trucks, there are two types of coolant from which to choose. One is regular coolant, which should be changed every 30,000 miles. The other is extended-life coolant that can last for up to 100,000 miles, or five years.

Faulty Thermostat

If your thermostat isn't running correctly, it won't be able to trigger your vehicle's cooling system, which will lead to an overheated engine. Besides overheating, other signs of a faulty thermostat include:

  • The temperature gauge goes into the red within 15 minutes of starting your vehicle
  • The temperature gauge goes from abnormally low to abnormally high
  • Coolant leaking out of the truck

If you notice any of these signs, you probably have a faulty thermostat and should get it replaced right away. This is relatively inexpensive and can save you the frustration of having your engine overheat at an inopportune time.

If you drive a diesel truck, you may want to install a dpf egr delete kit, which can keep your vehicle running at cooler temperatures and lessen your chances of having your engine overheat.