More Than A Smooth Ride: 2 Purposes Served By Your Car’s Suspension

While you are driving, you probably do not give much thought to your car's suspension until you start feeling every bump in the road. However, the suspension system on your vehicle does more than give you a smooth ride. It also serves a couple of other purposes that help keep you safe on the road.

1.  Give You Better Control of Your Car

One important function of your car's suspension system is that it gives you better control of your car while driving. Every time you turn the steering wheel or step on the brakes, the system activates to keep your vehicle straight and even. However, if the suspension starts to wear down, it will no longer be able to make the minor adjustments that are required to serve this purpose. When you go to turn a corner, you may feel the car tip to one side more than usual. Then, when you try to straighten up, the vehicle may bounce a little, which could result in loss of control for a couple of seconds. When you step on the brakes, you may find that the car rocks back and forth. When this happens, the shocks that are an integral part of the system are no longer able to absorb sudden movements, causing the weight of the vehicle to temporarily displace itself. This displacement could cause the front or rear end to move involuntarily.

All of these problems will be improved with a better suspension system.

2.  Keeps Your Tires in Contact with the Road

Along with keeping your vehicle straight and even, the suspension also helps to keep your tires in full contact with the road. When the system is working properly, the suspension will automatically lift or lower to keep the tires on the pavement. However, if the suspension is wearing down and no longer making these necessary adjustments, the slightest bump in the road can result in a second or two when the tires are no longer in full contact with the pavement. Especially if the road is wet or icy, this could cause you to slide momentarily once the tires regain contact.

When your suspension wears down, you will notice not only a bumpier ride, but you will find that you no longer retain good traction with the road or complete control of your car. If you suspect that your tires' suspension system is wearing down, visit an auto service to have them inspect the system and make the necessary repairs or replacements. Contact a company like Truckwurx in order to learn more.