Car Tire Keeps Going Flat? Causes And Using A Tire Plug To Repair The Tire

If you have a tire on your car that is losing air, this can be frustrating. This is especially true if you fill the tire with air, and then it leaks out again. Below are some causes of a tire losing air, as well as tips on using a tire plug to repair the tire.

Causes of Tire Losing Air

A tire that keeps going flat can be caused by a bad valve stem. The valve stem is where you put air into your tire. Because the valve stem sticks out, it can be damaged, such as becoming cracked. The valve stem will also start to deteriorate or become porous if the tire is old. If this happens, air from the tire slowly leaks out on a constant basis. The leak is generally slow, but your tire will eventually become low. When you put more air into the tire, it will continue leaking.

Air can also escape from the wheel rim. The rim is where the wheel and the tire meet. There is a seal between the rim and the tire. Over time, the seal can become corroded or may oxidize. If this happens, the seal will not seal the two parts properly, and air will then leak. You may also have a dented rim, which causes air leaks. You can easily dent a rim if you hit a curb or drive over a pothole.

Repairing a Tire with a Tire Plug

One common way to repair a low tire is by using a tire plug. You can purchase a tire plug kit from an auto parts store. You will need to have an air compressor to inflate the tire with the proper amount of air after it is plugged. The kit will come with everything else that you need and complete instructions on how to plug the tire.

If you see that air is leaking from the side of the tire, which is known as the side wall, then you should remove the tire and take it to a tire repair shop to have the tire repaired. This is because in most cases, the plug will not hold well on the sidewall of the tire, as this area of the tire is weaker because there is no tread. You can use the plug while the tire is on your car, or you can remove the tire to apply the plug.

For more information about tire repair, contact a local resource.