Problems Diesel Trucks Are Likely To Encounter

For a business that uses diesel trucks, being prepared for the mechanical problems that they can experience is a necessary step to take. Despite the fact that a diesel truck is among the most reliable vehicles that you can buy, there are still some serious problems that these vehicles may need to have repaired to continue working reliably.

Failing Emissions Tests

Many areas will require vehicles to pass an emissions test before they can operate on the local roads. This is particularly true for large commercial trucks. Unfortunately, there are problems with your trucks that could cause them to suddenly fail one of these tests. This could lead to your trucks being unusable until the problem that is causing the excessive emissions is repaired. In some cases, the necessary repairs may be simple and affordable. This problem is fundamentally caused by a problem with the amount of air that is being mixed into the fuel before it is ignited. As a result, replacing an oxygen sensor may be enough to alleviate this performance problem.

Reduced Power From The Engine

A commercial diesel truck will need to have a high hauling capacity, and this can lead to drivers noticing when the engine starts to lose some of its power. In addition to the vehicle becoming more sluggish to operate, this could also cause it to run at a much higher RPM than normal. While it may be possible to force the vehicle to continue to operate, the underlying problem for the power issues will likely only worsen. This can result in a driver becoming stranded or placed at a higher risk of being involved in an accident due to difficulties with accelerating and even maintaining a stable speed.

Problems Successfully Starting

One of the disadvantages of diesel engines is that they may take slightly longer to start than gasoline engines. Unfortunately, this is a problem that will become far worse during the winter months due to the extremely cold temperatures impacting the fuel. To prevent this from occurring, these vehicles can be provided with a winter-grade fuel that is stable and effective at low temperatures. Unfortunately, if you forgot to change the type of fuel that you used in your vehicle, freezing temperatures could prevent it from starting. If this occurs, you may need to have the fuel swapped. While this can be a disruptive problem to be surprised by, it is possible for a diesel repair service to address it fairly quickly so that you can get going again.

For help with diesel truck repair, contact a local auto shop.