2 Signs You Need To Have Your Car’s Transmission Checked For Needed Repairs By A Professional

Just as important as the motor itself, your car's transmission is responsible for shifting gears in response to the demands for more or less speed while you are driving. Because the two components of your car work in tandem with one another, a broken transmission can lead to serious issues with performance and could even keep you from driving altogether.

Because the engine and transmission work together, it can sometimes be difficult to determine which one is causing the problems you may be detecting. Below are a couple of signs that the transmission is having problems and needs to be checked for needed repairs by a professional.

1.  Transmission Fluid Is Low and Constantly Needs to Be Refilled

The first sign that your car's transmission is in need of professional repairs is when you find that the fluid seems to be constantly low and requires refilling every few days. Because the fluid flows inside of a closed system, the level should rarely need to be topped off.

If you do have to refill the fluid, there are a couple of possible reasons. First, there is a leak somewhere within the transmission.

Second, the transmission is grinding gears, causing the fluid to burn. In this case, you may also notice an odor resembling that of burnt sugar. Whatever the reason for the low fluid levels, you will need to have a professional diagnose and fix the underlying issue.

2.  Odd Noises Are Heard While the Transmission Is Switching Gears

Another sign that your transmission is having problems is when you start to hear odd noises whenever your car switches gears. Normally, you may hear the engine rev as it accelerates right before the gear changes.

However, if you notice a grinding or popping noise during the shift, the gears within the transmission may be worn, or the clutch cable may be loose. A trained technician can discover the cause and take the necessary actions to fix the issue.

If you find that you need to refill the fluid in your car's transmission every few days and/or you hear grinding noises while having problems shifting gears, there is most likely a serious issue. Because of the intricacies involved with the parts and systems within the transmission, do not attempt to fix it yourself, especially if you have little to no knowledge as to how to do so. Instead, contact an auto shop that offers transmission repair services to have them inspect, diagnose, and fix the problem for you.

For more information on transmission repair, contact a professional near you.