What Are The Signs You Need Professional Brake Repairs?

The braking system is one of your car's most important safety features. It enables you to regulate your speed and stop to avoid accidents. The braking system should be a key area to consider when repairing your vehicle. Below are common signs of brake system problems that need professional repair services.

Brake Lights Come On by Themselves

This is one of the most common problems with your car's brake system. It may have multiple problems, including defective sensor, low brake fluid, faulty rear brake light bulb, worn-out brake pads, and an anti-lock braking system. For instance, the sensor monitors brake fluid levels and triggers the brake light to illuminate if the fluid falls beyond the minimum requirement. Let a brake repair expert have a look and determine the exact cause of the problem.

Soft or Spongy Feel When Pressing Brake Pedals 

The brake pedal should feel firm underfoot when you step on it and enable you to make timely or instant stops. If the pedal feels soft and spongy, or you have to press them to the floor of your car, it indicates problems with the brake system or the master cylinder. That could be due to moisture and air in the brake system, mostly the brake fluid. A professional mechanic may flush the air out or replace the brake fluid if there's a high amount of moisture in the brake lines.

Squealing and Grinding Noises

Your car should operate smoothly without any strange noises. If it makes some, it indicates that it needs to be checked by a professional mechanic. Moreover, grinding and squealing noises when braking could directly indicate brake problems. A grinding noise could indicate a solid piece, something like a stone or metal, is stuck on the caliper unit, or the brake pads are completely worn out. On the other hand, a squealing noise while driving could be a sign of the pad way indicators being in contact with the brake rotor, which shouldn't be the case.

Burning Smell When Braking

Treat any burning smell in your car with urgency. If the smell occurs when you brake, the brake system may be overheating. Stop and immediately call a mechanic to check the car and avoid boiling your brake fluid which may result in total brake system failure. They often recommend letting the car cool for a while before driving, or the issue could be a stuck brake caliper which may mean additional repairs.


You should always be keen on the functioning of your brake system and seek professional repair services if you notice anything unusual with it. That will keep the vehicle in the best condition and avoid accidents resulting from brake failure.

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