Signs Your Vehicle’s Brakes Are Needing Repairs

If the brakes of your vehicle have developed problems, it can be an emergency situation due to the loss of control that this could create. Depending on the particular issue that your vehicle's brakes are experiencing, there could be a few ways that they may manifest as issues for the vehicle.

Intense Vibrations When Applying The Brakes

A very recognizable problem with your brakes could be the vehicle experiencing intense vibrations when you attempt to slow the vehicle. In some cases, these vibrations can be severe enough to make the vehicle difficult to control. Unfortunately, this could indicate that the rotor for the brakes has become damaged. In particular, warping is a common reason for this damage to occur. Replacing the rotor will be necessary for repairing the vehicle once this type of damage has impacted the brakes.

A Sizable Increase In The Stopping Distance That The Vehicle Requires

When you are needing to slow the vehicle, it is critical for the brakes to be as responsive as possible. Unfortunately, many brake issues can lead to the stopping distance increasing by a substantial amount. This could lead to the driver having a difficult time stopping or slowing quickly, which can lead to a much higher risk of being involved in an accident. Worn brake pads can be a common cause of the stopping distance increase. However, it can also be the result of the calipers or other components of the brakes starting to loosen as they may apply less pressure when the brake pedal is being used.

A Lack Of Pushback From The Brake Pedal

When you apply the brakes, you will expect them to be very responsive and to immediately start slowing the vehicle. However, there can be brake issues that will cause the pedal to lack pushback and to be less responsive. In particular, individuals may notice that their brake pedal feels spongy or softer than normal. If this is occurring, it may be a warning that there is a brake fluid leak. This can be an urgent matter to repair as the brakes will be far less effective, and the brake fluid leak may contribute to these issues rapidly worsening. A brake repair shop will be able to assess the brakes to find the location of the leak. In most cases, these repairs can be relatively quick, which can minimize the disruptions that you will face as you are having this essential repair done to the vehicle.

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