Common Motor Vehicle Glass Damages That Can Be Repaired

Not all motor vehicle glass damages are eligible for repairs. At times, your auto mechanic can advise on the total replacement of the car glass. Typically, factors like location, size, and shape of your motor vehicle glass will determine whether a crack can be repaired, regardless of how small or big. Here is a quick look at the common auto glass damages you can repair.

Star-Like Cracks

Some motor vehicle glass cracks may appear like a star. In most cases, they appear when something like a stone or a hard round object hits your windshield, leaving a series of short cracks that seem to run from the center point to other areas of the auto glass. Fortunately, most of these star cracks can be easily repaired depending on the diameter of the break. Usually, a motor vehicle glass technician will assess the level of damage and advise on whether it can be repaired. If the break or crack is repairable, do it immediately because ignoring them can eventually weaken the stability of your car glass. 

Singular Breaks

Singular breaks may come as a result of extreme weather conditions. They may also occur when a hard object hits your windshield. Typically, this auto windshield crack type appears as a single continuous crack on the auto glass. Fortunately, auto glass technologies have gradually improved in the auto repair industry. Therefore, depending on the crack size and the windshield's position, most cracks can be repaired easily. However, if the crack length is too long, most glass repair technicians may advise total replacement. 

Bull's-Eye Breaks

They are easily seen on the outer layer of the motor vehicle glass and appear as a bull's eye target, hence the name. In most cases, the breaks or cracks can be seen from a central point and appear like a circle. Bull's-eye breaks are typically the most straightforward fix in all types of motor vehicle glass damage. Your automobile glass technician will determine the level of damage and, depending on the radius, advise on the best way to fix it.

Combined Breaks

The combined cracks come in several forms of auto windshield damage. It could come as a combination of bull's-eye and star breaks. However, because of these combinations, repairs tend to be the most challenging. 

Additional types of repairable motor vehicle glass cracks include half-moon cracks. Moreover, before repairs, always consult on whether total replacement is an option.

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