Common Issues That Indicate You Need Auto Repair Services

Beyond regular oil changes and routine maintenance, most people don't think about auto repair until something starts to go wrong with their vehicle. A number of issues should be investigated right away since it's important that your vehicle is safe to drive. If the transmission or engine warning light is on, you shouldn't be driving your vehicle until you have this checked out. Problems with a spongy brake pad or noises while braking mean the brake system is not working properly. Strange odors coming into your vehicle from the exhaust system, or loud noises when your vehicle is running both mean it's time for a repair. 

Dashboard Warning Lights Go On

The transmission warning light and the engine warning light are two very important lights on your dashboard that you should not ignore. If you continue to drive your vehicle without heeding their warning, you can end up causing a transmission or engine failure. Both of these repairs are costly, and it is dangerous to drive your vehicle with either of these lights on. An engine warning light could be a simple repair, but if you keep running the vehicle it can end up ruining your engine completely.

Your Brakes Aren't Working Normally

If you are low on brake fluid, the brake pedal will feel spongy or go lower to the ground than normal. If the fluid leaks out completely, your brakes aren't going to work at all. Problems with your brake pads are usually noticed when you hear a squealing sound when you press on the brakes. If the noise becomes a grinding noise, you are actively ruining your rotors while driving. Once your brakes are grinding, your vehicle has no ability to stop.

You Smell Exhaust in Your Vehicle

There are times when exhaust can leak into your vehicle if you have a hole in your exhaust system. This can cause your vehicle to struggle to pick up speed, but more importantly, this is bringing toxic air into your vehicle. Any strange smells in your vehicle should be investigated to prevent any health concerns. If you breathe in exhaust fumes, you can end up feeling sick.

Your vehicle should be inspected by auto repair services if you notice it is not running normally. Any problems with the brakes, dashboard warning lights, or strange odors should all be investigated further to determine what is going on with your vehicle to keep you safe.

Contact a local auto repair service to learn more.