Beach Travels: Vehicle Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Car Running All Summer

People who visit the beach often have a love and hate relationship with sand. They love the soft feel of the sand and the comfort it provides when going into the water. The only problem is that sand is seriously clingy. It travels with you everywhere and rarely wants to stay on the beach that it came from. Not only can this sand impact the body and interior of a vehicle, but it can have an impact on the exterior of a vehicle. Read More 

How To Listen For Fuel Pump Functioning Or Malfunctioning On Your Car

If your car won't start, or if it starts, sputters and stops, then the cause of the problem may be a defective fuel pump. Your car's fuel pump is the heart of the vehicle, and if it fails to function properly, your car will go nowhere. However, sitting in the driver's seat, it can be difficult to know with certainty if a faulty fuel pump is the cause of your car's problem. Read More 

7 Tips For Maintaining Your Car’s Engine

When you own a car, you not only have to worry about a car payment and insurance every month; you also have to think about the cost of repairs. If one of your car's larger components, such as the engine, goes out, you could be out thousands of dollars. Taking the extra steps to properly maintain the engine can make all the difference. Here are seven helpful tips for maintaining your car's engine: Read More 

What You Need to Know About Volkswagens & Oil Changes

If you have just bought a new VW, odds are, you received a warranty with your new vehicle. Part of the warranty usually states that you must follow the manufacturer's maintenance schedule or you run the risk of having the warranty voided. One key part of the maintenance schedule is routine oil changes. If you have never had a VW, your oil changes are going to be a bit different than what you are used to with American and Japanese vehicles. Read More 

Hail Yeah! Check Out This Excellent Time To Go Car Shopping

Are you in search of a new vehicle? Do you love bargains? Is your area prone to violent summer storms that sometimes contain hail? Then you might want to wait until after one of these thunderstorms to buy an automobile. Why? Because you might be able to find a vehicle that has suffered some minor cosmetic hail damage available at a bargain basement price. For example, dozens of dealerships in the Denver and Colorado Springs had cars damaged in the spring of 2014. Read More