Auto Repairs When Old Parts That Wear Out Start Causing Serious Problems

When your car gets more miles, it has parts that can wear out. Some of these parts are rubber and plastic materials, which dry over time. If parts like hoses and tubes break, it can cause serious issues. Therefore, there are some old worn parts that you are going to need to replace before they fail and cause severe damage. The following auto repairs are some of the things that need to be fixed before these parts give out: Read More 

Your RV Needs Some Exterior TLC: Why Do Repairs?

If your RV has been your reliable road adventurer for some time, you might have recently noticed the unit has some signs of wear on the outside. From small dings in the bumper and sides to paint chipping or peeling or coatings being rubbed off, your RV might be becoming a bit of an eyesore. It doesn't matter whether you use your recreational vehicle only a few times a year or if you practically live in your RV as you go from adventure to adventure. Read More 

Car Tire Keeps Going Flat? Causes And Using A Tire Plug To Repair The Tire

If you have a tire on your car that is losing air, this can be frustrating. This is especially true if you fill the tire with air, and then it leaks out again. Below are some causes of a tire losing air, as well as tips on using a tire plug to repair the tire. Causes of Tire Losing Air A tire that keeps going flat can be caused by a bad valve stem. Read More 

2 Causes Of Damage To Your Car Tires’ Sidewalls

Before getting into your car, you may have looked down and noticed that the sidewall of one of your tires has an odd appearance. If you do not see an obvious cause of the damage, such as a nail sticking out of the tire, you may wonder what is causing the strange appearance. Below are a couple of causes of damage that can happen to car tires' sidewalls. 1.  Broken Belts Can Cause Ridges and Punctures Read More 

More Than A Smooth Ride: 2 Purposes Served By Your Car’s Suspension

While you are driving, you probably do not give much thought to your car's suspension until you start feeling every bump in the road. However, the suspension system on your vehicle does more than give you a smooth ride. It also serves a couple of other purposes that help keep you safe on the road. 1.  Give You Better Control of Your Car One important function of your car's suspension system is that it gives you better control of your car while driving. Read More