3 Common Signs Of Imminent Engine Failure In An Older Vehicle

You've had your old car for a lot of years and it has faithfully taken you through many obstacles and to many places. Unfortunately, the engine of a vehicle is not an immortal thing, so eventually, you will see your car's engine fail completely. As the owner and regular driver of any vehicle, knowing the telltale signs that engine failure is drawing near will be helpful because this will show you that it's time to start looking for a new ride. Read More 

Roadside Service Plans Pay For Themselves

Almost all vehicle drivers need the help of roadside assistance once in a lifetime, and clumsy drivers need it more. If you are wondering that whether you should opt for a plan or not, know that these plans usually pay for themselves and are worth every penny you spend on them in most cases. Here's how: Minor Repairs A good roadside assistance plan will include varied types of minor repairs. There is almost an infinite number of things that can go wrong in a vehicle, no matter how much you care for it, and a good plan will cover most of it. Read More 

4 Facts You Need To Know About A Damaged Windshield

A broken windshield can be annoying, but it is actually more dangerous than anything. If you've been putting off that needed repair, check out these four facts you need to know about a damaged windshield. Damage Affects the Strength You may not realize it, but the windshield provides additional security while driving. This may not seem like it makes sense because the windshield is made from glass, which is known to be fragile. Read More 

Do Used Auto Parts Have A Long Lifespan After Auto Repair?

When it comes to car or automobile repair, going with used spare parts can be a good choice, for some good reasons. However, there are also significant drawbacks in used spare parts and the most important question most people ask is whether or not used auto parts have a long life after repair. How durable are they? What is the actual real lifespan of used car spare parts? Used car parts, depending on how used they can last long enough. Read More 

Buying Your Kid A Used Car? 3 Car Maintenance Tips To Keep It In Top Condition

Helping your kid buy their first car is a rite of passage that you have looked forward to for years. Not only can you pass down some wisdom about car shopping, but you also have an opportunity to give your kid a few lessons on car maintenance and repairs. Shopping for a low mileage car with a responsible owner helps to prevent many car issues. However, your teen should still expect to run into a few repairs as their car accumulates miles and years. Read More