Four Things To Have The Mechanic Check When He Or She Changes The Oil In Your Car

When you have a car, it is important to do what you can to take care of it. There are many people who know to have their oil changed regularly, but do not realize that there is other regular maintenance that need to be done to keep the car running as well as it can for as long as possible. The guide that follows walks you through a few other things you may need to have checked on a regular basis if you want your car to run properly for years to come. 

Have Your Brakes Checked

When you are driving, you need to be able to stop quickly. If your brakes are not changed regularly, your car will not be able to stop when needed. When you take the car to get the oil changed, the mechanic will be able to easily look at the brake pads and let you know if the brakes need to be replaced. 

Have Your Tires Rotated

Your tires need to be rotated as well to ensure that the tires wear evenly. If the tires are not rotated on a regular basis, certain areas will wear quicker, which can lead to a tire popping and needing to be replaced. 

Have Your Clutch Checked

If you have a stick shift, you need to be sure to have the clutch checked, as well. Having the clutch replaced in your car can be quite expensive. If a mechanic notices that there is an issue with the clutch before it is completely ruined, they may be able to repair it so that it lasts longer. 

Have All Other Fluids in Your Engine Filled

Your car needs many different fluids in order to work properly. There are some fluids that need to be filled often and some that need to be filled very rarely. When you have your oil changed, have the mechanic fill any fluids that need to be filled to ensure your car always has what it needs to run properly. If you allow any of the fluids to run dry, the engine in your car could become badly damaged and stop working altogether. 

If you take the time to properly maintain your car, it will work well for you for a very long time. It can be costly to properly maintain a car, but it will cost far less than it would if you had to have your car repaired or even replaced. Regular maintenance prevents costly repairs.