Love The Car, Hate The Color? Here’s How To Evaluate A Used Car Purchase

It's a tough situation to find a great deal on a used vehicle but then realize you can't stand the color. A car color that you dislike doesn't have to be a dealbreaker, though. Consider these points to see whether you should still buy the car.

Who Is the Car For?

First of all, consider if the car is meant for just you, or if other people's interests will play into the vehicle's color. For example if you operate a ride share service, or if you use the vehicle often for work, maybe the car's color needs to be professional in order to not draw negative attention. If you plan to use the car and then sell it after a few years, you'll want to consider the next owner's likely car color choice. In any case, there are certain car colors that are more popular in the general population than others. If the car is black and you prefer it to be bright red, you might want to think about how that choice would affect the future potential of your vehicle.

Would You Consider Changing the Color?

You always have the option to visit an auto body repair shop and get the vehicle's color changed. You could go with a powder coat painting job to make the process a little more affordable. Be sure to get estimates from several auto body shops, since the prices can vary greatly. Aside from getting a new paint coat, car window tinting and auto grille selection can also help change the appearance of a car that needs some cosmetic love.

Is Everything Okay Mechanically?

If you might have to spend some money to fix up the car cosmetically, you'll want to at least make sure everything is in sound condition mechanically. It's always a good idea to get an auto repair shop inspection on a used car purchase before you buy it, but that is especially true when you're debating its appearance.

Are there Any Other Deals Around?

Finally, keep in mind that if you really wouldn't be happy with the color, and you can't afford to change it, you might want to just pass on the vehicle. Shopping for the right used vehicle is a process that doesn't tend to happen overnight, at least if you want to find a great deal. Maybe it's time to expand your search to a greater variety of car dealerships and private listings to find a car you love all around.

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