Four Answers To Questions About Auto Hail Damage Repairs

A hail storm can be an extremely damaging event for your car. These large stones of ice can strike the car at tremendous speeds, and this can lead to the vehicle suffering extensive body and glass damage.

Why Is Repairing Hail Damage In A Prompt Fashion Important?

When your vehicle has suffered extensive damage from a hail storm, you will want to act quickly to minimize the impact that these damages can have on your vehicle. If you fail to repair the dents that were caused by these stones, you can put your car at a much higher risk of developing severe corrosion. This is due to the fact that these impacts could compromise the protection offered by your car's exterior paint and sealant. While the pain may not appear to be damaged, the layer of sealant could be chipped, which may allow moisture to seep behind the paint.

What Are The Steps For Repairing Auto Body Hail Damage?

If your car has suffered body damage during a hail storm, there will be a few options when it comes to repairing the vehicle. One of the more common options is paintless dent repairs. These repairs will allow your car to be restored without the need to apply new layers of paint. Typically, these repairs are limited to instances of shallow hail dents that have not chipped the paint. When the damage is too severe to be restored through these means, auto body filler can be used to smooth out the dents and a new layer of paint will be added to match it to the rest of the vehicle.

Can Hail Damaged Glass Be Repaired?

When your car's glass has been damaged in a hail storm, it is easy to immediately assume that this type of damage can not be repaired. However, it may be possible to seal cracks and chips in the glass with glass repair resin. These repairs are most viable when the damage to the glass is limited to fairly small areas of the glass and the damage shallow.

Will Your Insurance Cover Your Hail Damage Repairs?

If you are worried about the costs that will be incurred repairing your car's hail damage, you will want to check your auto insurance policy. There are many policies that will provide at least limited coverage for repairing this type of damage. For those that have comprehensive coverage, this type of protection will almost always be included, but it will still be wise to check with your insurance agent to learn whether you have this coverage and the claims process you need to follow. Contact a shop, like Dent Tech, for more help.