Roadside Service Plans Pay For Themselves

Almost all vehicle drivers need the help of roadside assistance once in a lifetime, and clumsy drivers need it more. If you are wondering that whether you should opt for a plan or not, know that these plans usually pay for themselves and are worth every penny you spend on them in most cases. Here's how:

Minor Repairs

A good roadside assistance plan will include varied types of minor repairs. There is almost an infinite number of things that can go wrong in a vehicle, no matter how much you care for it, and a good plan will cover most of it.

Towing Service

In case your vehicle breaks down when you are on a lonely road, access to roadside towing service plans will make it sure that a service provider tows away your vehicle to a mechanic. Though there is usually a limit for the number of miles a vehicle can be towed, you can be sure that it will reach a mechanic before that number is reached in many cases.

Jump Start Service

In this service, the roadside assistance service provider will send over an expert to jumpstart the battery if your vehicle has the option of doing so. Electric and hybrid vehicles might not be eligible for this service.

Flat Tires

You will also get help if your tires are flattened, as a member of the team will report to your location and replace the flat tire with the good one you carry in your vehicle.


In case you lose your vehicle keys or are accidentally locked in or out of the vehicle, the experts will reach your location and give you total control over the vehicle again. The entire process will hardly take a few minutes.

Fuel Delivery

If you run out of fuel when making a trip, or you just forget to refuel due to a hectic schedule, then your roadside assistance service provider will send over the necessary fuel required to get you to your nearest gas station.

Getting the Vehicle Out

Another service that will come in handy if you bother to go for roadside assistance is winching or extrication service, where experts will come to your location to move a stuck or constrained vehicle.

On the whole, it can be said that seeking roadside assistance is worth the cost you pay because it gives you the services of experts when you really need them without charging you an arm or a leg.

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