The Benefits Of IRP Apportion Plates For Your Trucking Or Transporation Business

The International Registration Plan is an agreement between the United States and Canada regarding registration for commercial vehicles such as trucks that transport goods across the border. If you own a trucking business or transportation business in the United States and you want to be able to expand into Canada or make your occasional trips to Canada easier, you may want to look into getting IRP Apportion Plates when it comes time to register or re-register your vehicle. Here's how this type of vehicle registration can benefit your business.

Less Paperwork for Your Business

If your business will be driving across multiple states in the United States or multiple provinces in Canada, you might currently be carrying full registrations in multiple jurisdictions. Every time your vehicles come up for renewal, you will have a lot of paperwork to do to stay legal for the road across every jurisdiction where you do business. When you get IRP plates, you only have to send in one application which will give you a registration that is valid in all participating jurisdictions, thereby reducing your paperwork.

Save Money on Registration

It may also be less expensive to register your vehicles under the IRP compared to paying for full registrations across multiples states and provinces. Every little bit of money saved for your business will pay off in the long haul and the savings could be significant even in the short term if you have a large fleet of vehicles you need to stay on top of when it comes to registration.

Easier Movement Across Border

If your vehicles will be traveling back and forth across the border between the United States and Canada, having IRP plates could help streamline or expedite this process. These type of plates will immediately clarify that you are a professional and commercial business transporting something between the different jurisdictions.

Comply With Regulations

Depending on what type of transportation business you are running, you might actually be required to maintain IRP apportioned plates. If you are starting a new trucking business and you intend to travel into Canada frequently, this is something you will want to look into in order to ensure that your business gets off on the right foot when it comes to compliance with regulations across all applicable jurisdictions.

IRP plates can streamline the process of keeping your commercial vehicles properly registered for the road and might even save your business money. Contact an expert in this type of registration for more information on IRP apportion plates.