Common Motor Vehicle Glass Damages That Can Be Repaired

Not all motor vehicle glass damages are eligible for repairs. At times, your auto mechanic can advise on the total replacement of the car glass. Typically, factors like location, size, and shape of your motor vehicle glass will determine whether a crack can be repaired, regardless of how small or big. Here is a quick look at the common auto glass damages you can repair. Star-Like Cracks Some motor vehicle glass cracks may appear like a star. Read More 

3 Unusual Reasons For Infrequent Engine Overheating

Engine overheating is often an all-or-nothing problem. Your car relies on a complex cooling system to maintain the ideal engine temperature, so a failure of a critical component like the water pump or thermostat will usually cause the engine to overheat rapidly and consistently. Continuing to drive your car under these circumstances can cause catastrophic damage in mere minutes. However, it's also possible for overheating to be an infrequent problem that seems to come and go with the weather. Read More